DIY Paint Pour Coasters for Christmas

Happy Holidays! Today I am so excited to showcase a fun, and very festive DIY for you featuring Woodpeckers Crafts’ amazing wooden coasters and paint pour! I LOVE this project because it is so simple to do, but the end result looks so high end! Plus, with the paint pour technique every coaster will definitely be one-of-a-kind!  


These paint pour coasters would make the perfect present for Christmas, and they would look beautiful as part of a Christmas tablescape like I have them here.  

I especially love this project, because you can use whatever color palette you want! I went with a classic red, white, and metallic color palette for Christmas, but I think a blue and silver theme, or a festive green theme would be beautiful! I also love using Woodpeckers Crafts’ wooden coasters for this project, because the edges are rounded and the paint pour fell over the edges so beautifully! 

Mix the Paint Pour Acrylic Paint

Protect your work surface. *I used a piece of kraft paper over a metal tray to make cleanup easy.  

Set down a small flat object for the coaster to sit on. I used this Slotted Strainer Set. 

Place the wooden coaster onto the flat object. 

Then, add each color of paint pour to a disposable cup or a cup dedicated for painting. I wanted red to really be the star of the show, so I added more red than any other color. But you can do whatever makes your heart happy! 

Paint the Wooden Coasters With Paint Pour

Very carefully, pour the paint pour mixture over the top of the coasters. Continue to add more paint as needed to the cup. Then, let the paint drip to the edges to create a beautiful, custom pattern! 

once the paint pour is done dripping, add small flakes of gold leaf foil to the top of the coaster. The flakes will fall into the wet paint pour mixture. 

*If you encounter any air bubbles, carefully blow onto the paint pour and they should subside. Set the coasters aside to dry. I let mine dry for a total of 48 hours. 

Protect the Painted Coasters with a Sealer

Once the coasters are dry, use a clear sealer to create a protectant coat onto the coasters. 

Set them aside and enjoy your coasters!

Enjoy the Painted Wooden Coasters

Place the painted wooden coasters out this holiday season, so you can enjoy them with your festive drinks!

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