DIY Super Bowl Party Board

This year we’re taking things up a notch! Get ready for a spectacular Super Bowl party with us, and don’t forget your party board!

Get your gear together

– Laser football cutout 

– Small wooden bowls

-Wooden scoopers

We started the board off with our laser football cutout, some finger food, a couple of wooden bowls, and scoopers. You can customize it to your needs, party size, and food amount.

Placing food

We like to place the bowls first as it gives a sort of “center point” for the rest of the food. Once those bowls are down, begin placing the food around. 

Adding extras

Now you could start adding extras to your board to give more of a party feel (we added chips!).


And just like that, your party board is ready to go! Be sure to take LOTS of pictures, because these boards are fan favorites, and they’ll be gone before you can say “TOUCHDOWN!” 

PRO TIP: You can incorporate this concept into many, many different party themes, just switch out the cutout! 

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