Ever Tried Using Your Manicure Kit on Wood?

The Wood-Sanding Saga

We’re pretty obsessed with wood crafting here, but I have to admit that sanding is a hassle. Especially when you like to paint on perrrrrrfectly smooth wood.

We used to do it with sandpaper, which was annoying because it kept on ripping.

So we started using sanding blocks, which was better, but still problematic for getting into small spots.


The Nail-Salon Solution

Then I had an epiphany at the nail salon (which is what begins to happen when you spend way too much time there 🙈).  I was watching the manicurist do her thing with the electric nail file, and I’m like – hey it’s sandpaper! We can use it on wood!

And we did. I discovered that electric nail files:

  • are surprisingly affordable
  • come with different attachments/tips which are great for sanding small crevices
  • work perfectly on wood (go me!)

I also tried a regular nail file (professional type). It worked great, and actually covers more ground in less time. These days I use a combo – the electric file for the really tiny crevices (+ for the edges of our wood cutouts, like in the picture) and the regular one for larger areas. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole nail kit (buffer, smoother…) works on wood.

Try it and let us know in the comments how it goes. (I suggest using a separate kit for sanitary reasons.)

🥂 Here’s to less sanding hassle and more crafting!


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