Fall Pumpkin Tiered Trinket Trays with Woodpeckers Crafts

By Elizabeth Jones with Country Peony

Happy Almost Fall! I LOVE this time of the year, because I LOVE crafting and decorating for Fall! Today I have a really fun DIY for you that will be the perfect addition to a Fall vignette or a Fall tablescape: DIY Fall Pumpkin Tiered Trinket Trays.

I especially love this project, because you can use whatever napkin design and color palette you want this Fall! Plus, the quality of the candle sticks and the trays really elevate this project!

Now enjoy a short video tutorial showcasing how to make your own Fall Pumpkin Tiered Trays.

Continue below for the step-by-step picture tutorial to create your own Fall Pumpkin Tiered Trinket Trays!

To make your own Fall Pumpkin Tiered Trinket Tray, you will need:

  • Gold Paint
  • Craft Paintbrush & Foam Brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Decorative Napkin. I used a pumpkin napkin for this project, but you can use whatever napkin your heart desires. 
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Craft Wood Glue

Paint the Wooden Candle Sticks and Round Trays

Apply one coat of craft paint to the entire tray and wooden candle sticks.

Set them aside to dry, then paint a second coat onto the tray and wooden candle sticks.

Then, set them aside to dry.

Cut out the Napkin Vignettes

Find a pretty patterned napkin, then remove the second layer from the napkin revealing the printed napkin layer.

Cut out simple vignettes from the pretty patterned napkin. *Cut as close to the image as possible to create a polished look.

Cut enough small vignettes to attach to the trays.

Decoupage the Napkin Vignettes to the Inside of the Tray

Paint a small amount of decoupage directly onto the inside of the painted tray.

Then, attach the napkin vignette to the decoupage. Paint decoupage onto the napkin to secure it to the tray. 

*Be very careful with this step, because the napkin is very delicate. Paint from the inside out to avoid bubbles. 

Continue to add the napkin cutouts to the inside of the tray.

Then, paint decoupage onto the entire inside of the tray to coat it and to secure the cutout napkin vignettes.

Paint the Edge of the Tray Gold

For some added glam, paint the edge of the trays gold. 

Set them aside to dry!

Add the Candle Sticks to the Trays

Apply some wooden craft glue to the top of the wooden candle stick, then attach the candle stick directly to the bottom of the tray to create a tiered tray.

Set it aside to dry. 

*The smallest candle stick should go onto the smallest tray, and so on.

Set the Trays out as Part of a Fun Fall Tablescape

Add these trays to a fun Fall tablescape or Fall vignette, and enjoy them all season! 

I added my favorite pink, purple, and mustard yellow pumpkins to the trays, and I LOVE how it looks!

As with all of Woodpeckers Crafts products, the creative possibilities are endless! I hope you enjoy crafting with Woodpeckers Crafts this Fall!

Thank you so much for following along!

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