How to Make Scented Wooden Balls

Scented wooden balls are immensely popular among many homeowners and they are the ideal alternative to potpourri. This is mainly because of the fact that scented wooden balls have the unique ability to diffuse the fragrance in a room in a modern yet minimalist way. Moreover, wooden balls look very attractive and the grain is clearly visible in their shiny curved surface.

The addition of fragrance oil significantly improves the looks of the wooden balls, giving them a honey-like color that makes them a lot more attractive. In addition to that, the fragrance oil would also deepen the tone of the wooden balls to gold and boost their natural sheen.

Unfortunately, some homeowners have no idea on how to make scented wooden balls. If you are one among them, then below is how you can accomplish this with ease.

Making Scented Wooden Balls

You will initially need to purchase a plastic bag, fragrance oil, and a few wooden balls with a diameter 1″ or 2.5″ You will then need to place the wood balls in a plastic bag and drip two or more drops of fragrance oil to it. Seal the plastic bag and gently massage the fragrance oil to the balls. You can notice the color of the wooden balls gradually changing. Continue to massage the balls or add more oil to get an even sheen on the balls.

When done, leave the wooden balls in the sealed bag undisturbed for a couple of hours. This will help the fragrance to efficiently permeate through the wooden balls. If you feel that the fragrance of the wooden balls is fading after using it for a few days, then repeat the above process instead of buying new balls.

Rubberwood or beechwood are both excellent choices for making scented wooden balls, as both of the wood types allow the fragrance to infuse through them. Many homeowners usually end up settling for Spiced Apple fragrance for an Autumnal theme.

If you don’t wish to choose Spiced Apple fragrance, then Fresh Linen would be an excellent alternative. All you have to do is to simply place the wooden balls on drawers, cupboards, or wherever you want the fragrance to linger. However, try not to use highly volatile and thinner essential oils, as they evaporate rapidly when compared to home fragrance oils.

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