Types and Benefits of Lazy Susan

Many of us may have a Lazy Susan in our homes. It is the small rotating tray that sits in the middle of the dining table and rotates so that each person is able to reach what he or she wants easily. You may also find Lazy Susan on corner cupboards as it can make it easy to reach the items inside the cramped closet. In home cabinets, Lazy Susan can be used to make rotating shelves to help you optimize the amount of storage space in the cupboard. In fact, using a Lazy Susan can help to increase the functionality and organization of your kitchen and dining table. Below are the various types of Lazy Susan that you can use at home and their benefits.

Kidney Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan is kidney shaped with a triangular cutout. These do not have as much coverage as the full circle ones. However, they are perfect for corner cabinets that have right-angled openings. Kidney Lazy Susan can be easily customized to fit any shape and can allow easy access to things inside the cupboard via the opening.

Full-Circle Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan can turn full circles. You can find this type of Lazy Susan on dining tables and cabinet shelves made with them can be very convenient to use, offering you much space to store things. This style of organizing usually features three shelves, but can be customized to have two to five shelves as per the need of the user. The full circle shape offers maximum movement and allows for unlimited access to each of the items.

Benefits of Lazy Susan

Owing to their ability to rotate, Lazy Susan shelves can make it very easy to locate items on the shelves. When you use normal shelves in corner cabinets, you will have to do a lot of lifting, pushing aside, and removing to find the exact item that you are looking for. A Lazy Susan can help you keep the kitchen supplies organized and bring items in the back of the cabinet to the front.

Moreover, corner cupboards can just be massive storage spaces without a built-in Lazy Susan, with hard to reach, dark corners. Using a Lazy Susan can help you make most of the storage space in corner cabinets. You can use full circle Lazy Suzan or kidney shaped ones as per your requirement to take advantage of corner cupboards.

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