Wooden Candy Christmas Ornaments with Woodpeckers Crafts

By: Elizabeth Jones with Country Peony

Christmas is less than two months away, which means I am so excited to commence with all of the wonderful Christmas crafting and decorating. To welcome in my first Christmas craft of the season I am so excited to partner with one of my favorite companies, Woodpeckers Crafts, to bring you a very simple and very charming holiday craft: DIY Wooden Candy Christmas Ornaments. Woodpeckers Crafts has so many incredible holiday wooden products, and so it was hard to choose one from their amazing lineup. But, when I saw their charming candy cutout and candy cane wooden cutouts I knew they would be the perfect complement to my new pink tree in the Country Peony Studio.  

The beauty with today’s DIY is that it is very simple. You can also get your children involved, and make them as gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. How cute would one of these be as part of a gift topper? You can also customize the color to whatever your heart desires. Speaking of the color palette, I always decide on the color palette first when I am doing a project. I was so inspired by a vintage Christmas color palette, that I wanted to incorporate it into my color scheme this holiday at the Country Peony Studio. You can see the color palette I chose below for this project and for the studio this season. Since the color palette was so fun, I kept the design of the ornaments very simple so the colors would be the stars of the show. 

I absolutely love how the small and medium candy cutouts as well as the small and large candy cane cutouts look adorned on my pink tree in the studio. They add a beautiful, handmade touch to the tree and their large perspective really adds a fun element to the tree! Today I want to show you how to make your own this holiday season.

Enjoy this video below showcasing how to create the project.

Continue below for the step-by-step picture tutorial to create your own DIY Wooden Christmas Candy Ornaments this Holiday Season!

To Make Your Candy Christmas Ornaments, you will need:

Paint the Wooden Candy Cutouts and Candy Cane Cutouts with Craft Paint

Paint one layer of craft paint onto the front and sides of the wooden candy cutouts.

*You can paint both sides or just one side. I only painted one side for this project since I knew it would be up against the tree. 

Let the paint dry.

Add the Stripes to the Candy Cutouts

I kept my design simple, because I wanted to let the colors shine. I was inspired by the vintage striped candies for this project so I used painter’s tape to give my project crisp lines.

Decide on how many stripes you want and then tape off and paint.

I chose 3 stripes for the small candy cutouts and 5 stripes for the medium candy cutouts.

Once you securely attach the painter’s tape to create stripes, paint each stripe.

Once the paint is dry from the first section, remove the painter’s tape and apply more tape to create another stripe.

*Vary the width of the stripes to add interest.

Gently remove the painter’s tape once it is dry.

Paint the sides of the ornament to match the front of the ornament with the stripe lines.

Enjoy your charming vintage inspired ornaments.

Apply the same technique to the candy cane cutouts. 

*Use the width of the painter’s tape to help determine how far apart each stripe should be. 

Attach the Ornament Hanger to the Wooden Candy Cutouts

Once the ornaments are dry, add the hangers to the ornaments. 

Cut a piece of wire to about 6 inches, then twist it into a loop. 

Add hot glue to the back of the ornament at the top. Then attach the wire loop to the hot glue.

Once the hot glue dries you are ready to hang the ornament.

Enjoy your handmade wooden ornaments!

Hang your Handmade Ornaments onto the Christmas Tree

Add the charming handmade ornaments to your tree and enjoy them this holiday season!

I just love how charming and whimsical they look on my pink Christmas tree!

I also love the scale of the large wooden ornaments on the tree. They really pop!

Thank you so much for following along!

Candy Cutout Small 6″ X 3″


Candy Cutout Medium 12″ X 6″


Candy Cane Cutout Small 6″L x 2.5″W


Candy Cane Cutout Large 12″L x 5″W


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