Ideas for Reusing Wooden Spools at Home

Wooden spools serve many important uses in woodcraft and artistry. Although they are meant to be used for coiling up anything from sewing threads to underground telephone cables, wooden spools also have many other uses besides coiling threads and cables. Wooden spools can be reused for a variety of purposes at homes like as a resting bench or a coffee table. The flexibility of the spools and the wooden material that is used in their manufacture makes them ideal for repurposing and reuse. Below are some ideas for reusing wooden spools at home.

Coffee Tables

Wooden spools can be converted for use as coffee tables right away considering their shape. The two circular flat surfaces that attach to the central spindle serve the function of supporting the spool firmly on any ground and in keeping any objects on its surface. The wooden construction of the spools also makes them ideal for interiors as it can provide a unique appearance to the home décor. Additionally, carrying out paint works on the wooden spool will help to further customize them according to your preferences.

Patio Table

Wooden spools can act as patio tables due to their shape. By adding in some additions such as placing a glass top on the circular surface, the spools can be made for use in outdoor patios. Moreover, you can consider affixing coir ropes affixed in a circular pattern around the central spindle for enhancing the look of the spool. The durable construction of wooden spools makes them particularly resistant to the external conditions and makes it perfect for use in patios.

Chairs & Stools

Wooden spools can be easily repurposed as rocking chairs by carrying out a little modification work. The shape of the spools is perfect for use as chairs when laid out horizontally. Adding in a backrest and chipping off the bottom portion of the circular edges is a great way to firmly affix the spool to the ground and for providing back support.

Wooden spools can be easily repurposed to use as stools in both the interiors and exterior of a home. By carrying out a basic paintwork and adding cushion, a wooden spool can be easily converted into comfortable stools that can be used anywhere in the home. Moreover, using such repurposed spools is a great way to offer a unique appearance to the interiors of your home.

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