Wooden Star 4th of July Banner

By Chaya

A little independence-day-action, to spruce up your home? Always yes.

Garlands are a crowd and crafter pleaser, for adding so much to a display, and being so simple to create! 

Follow along as we “string” together some July 4th magic!

What you'll need:

  • 15 wooden star cutouts 
  • About 40 wooden beads (this will depend on how long you want your garland, you can adjust accordingly.)
  • Red, white and blue acrylic paint
  • Twine
  • A couple of paper straws 
  • Scissors 
  • Foam paint brush 
  • Hot glue gun and sticks 

To begin:

Go ahead and paint 5 of your (insanely cute) wooden star cutouts with red paint, and then let them dry! If you see it needs another coat to make it a little more vibrant, go right ahead! 


Take 5 more (insanely cute) wooden star cutouts, and go at em’ with white paint. Again, feel free to add a second coat if it’s looking too sheer to your liking.

Take a wild guess: 

That’s right! Do the same thing with your blue paint, on five more stars, and don’t forget to let them dry!

Now the fun part:

Take your paper straws, and cut them into ½” pieces. Carefully add some glue to your newly-little straws, and glue them to the back of each star, creating a bead! Be sure to let these fully dry so they are as sturdy as possible! 

Now we’re getting crafty:

Tie a knot to the end of your twine, and string 3 wooden beads on there. Now take one of your wooden star cutouts beads, and string that on as well. Repeat this 3 bead, 1 star stringing party until you’ve used them all up, or are satisfied with the length!

Simple enough, huh?

We loved this craft and how absolutely darling it came out. The best part is that it’s still subtle enough to display in all different style homes!

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