Why are Wooden Toys Better than Plastic Toys

You might have wondered why wooden toys are a better gift option for children than plastic toys. For one, wooden toys are safer when compared to plastic toys. It is a fact that plastic toys can break easily and can leave sharp and nasty edges that can injure the child. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are more durable and will not break easily; meaning that these toys are safer than the plastic toys and people who are concerned about the safety of children will opt for wooden ones only.

Wooden Toys are Long Lasting

We all know that wood is a very robust and resilient material that has a long life. These toys can last a lifetime and can be passed on to new generations, siblings, or friends. You will love the long life offered by wooden toys. On the contrary, plastic toys are not as durable as wooden toys and can fade easily or become damaged over time and usage.

Wooden Toys are Eco-Friendly

You need to understand that all toys end up in the lap of Mother Earth one day, and as plastic is not a biodegradable material, it is not an eco-friendly move to buy toys made from plastic. Buying wooden toys can prevent filling up the landfills with non-biodegradable and man-made plastic toys. In other words, you are investing in the future of our Earth when you opt for wooden toys.

Wooden Toys Offer More Value for Money

As wooden toys are durable and long lasting, they offer great value for the money that you spend on the toys. In addition, many wooden toys support the imagination of your child while offering unending entertainment. Wooden toys can help to encourage role-play in children and engage in meaningful activities that can prepare them to face challenges in their life.

Most of the wooden toys are heavier than plastic toys and help children to be aware of what their hands are doing. This can be very helpful to children with issues in the development of fine motor skills or sensory disorders.

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