Wooden Wreath Chandelier Craft

By Lia Grifith

If you’re a natural fiber paper + natural wood combo lover, this one’s for you! 

In an exciting collaboration with Lia Griffith, you can follow along as she expertly teaches you how to use our 13”, and 10 ½” Wooden Wreath Forms to craft the most stunning chandelier to hang in your home! 

PS: Lia used her Ginko leaves craft to decorate her chandelier, which you can watch and learn how to make here if you’d like! 

If you didn’t catch the video tutorial, keep reading to get the detailed instructions and watch your craft come to life!

PS: If you’re a nature lover – you will LOVE this craft!

Here’s whatch’ll need:

And here is how it’s done!:


Start with a 13″ wooden wreath form and a 10 1/2″ wooden wreath form that fit nicely inside each other. The smaller one should fit nice and snug inside the big one, without too much of a gap between them.


Next, using your natural binding wire, string the two wreaths together at the top hole of each form. Then go ahead and use the excess wire to create a little hangy-loop on top.


Place both light batteries on each side of the inner wreath and wrap them with more binding wire, to hold them in place.

Ok, this part is where the magic starts. Wrap the wired fairy lights around the inner wreath, and then the second wire around the outer wreath. If you want to test it out and stare at it, just to see how beautiful it’ll look, we totally understand!


When you’re done obsessing over the lights, go ahead and cover those batteries with some small clusters of 5 finished flowers for each side. With a hot glue gun, (carefully) attach ½”  wooden beads over every hole of the wreath, on both sides of both wreaths forms.


Finally, hang your completed masterpieces in an area where you’ll be able to open the two wreaths to form an X, if you’re looking at it from the top. (The binding wire should hold it in place.) You’re now ready to attach any flowers you’d like!

That wraps that up, no pun intended! We have watched this DIY and loved it so much, we know you will too! It’s just the thing you need to keep you hanging in there (again, no pun intended!) until the warm sun finally shows its face again! 

Happy crafting! 

Wreath Form, 13”

Wreath Form, 10-1/2”

1/2″ Ball Bead

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