3 Useful Repurposing Ideas Using Wood Spindles

While making additions to the staircases in your home, there will always be some extra wood spindles. You can even find additional stair spindles used during the early construction or renovation of your home. These extra pieces are mostly discarded and are usually thought of as having no other use except supporting the staircase. However, this is not the case, as you can actually salvage the extra spindles lying in your backyard for making something useful for your home.

Wooden staircase spindles, with their thin decorative design, are ideal for reusing for a variety of purposes at your home. You can even cut short these spindles for getting more pieces that you can use for decorative uses. It is easier to work on a wood staircase spindle and come up with something alternative and useful. Some repurposing ideas with wood staircase spindles that you will find useful are described below.

Slender Nightstand

A nightstand is a useful piece of furniture that can keep important things like phones, alarms, or water jugs within the reach of your bed. If height is a consideration that you are looking for in nightstands, you might not find many models in the market that furnish your preferences. However, you can easily reuse any of the spare wood spindles to make a nightstand at home, just by positioning three or four of the spindles to support a tabletop. Besides, you can even include tiers in between the spindles and extend the nightstand’s uses.


You might have never thought that wood staircase spindles can be repurposed like an antique candelabrum. Spindles with their decorative turning would make a perfect candelabrum with their bottom and top bases offering support. You need to cut the spindles into small varying heights first for converting it into a candelabrum. The other thing involves drilling a hole at the top for placing the candles, which require some woodworking skills. You can also carve out the hole by using a chisel and then attach the spindles to a wooden base.

Garden Bench

You can use wood staircase spindles to offer support to a garden bench. As spindles are made from strong wood, it would be perfect to use them as legs for a garden or porch bench. The top of spindles are usually flat and that can securely fix the bench top. You can even make a handrail using the spindles by cutting them in half and nailing or screwing them at the sides of the bench.

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