March 14, 2019

The Whys and Whats of Wood

Different Types of Wood Used to Make Wooden Beads

Nowadays, the concept of jewelry based on expensive metals like gold or platinum is largely abandoned in favor of ornaments made of wood. There is a large diversity in the selection of wood used for making jewelry that gives each of them a unique color, pattern, and texture. Among the jewelry, wooden beads have always […]


How to Make your Own Wooden Baby Gym

Babies are always special and need special attention and care. That is why parents always try to get the best one for them while choosing anything. In that regard, what would be better than making beautiful and custom-made wooden baby gym for your little munchkin!The task is actually pretty easy as most of the tools […]

Home Décor

Painting a Wooden Doorknob

Wooden doorknobs are immensely popular among homeowners, as they are highly durable, efficient, and available at a cheaper price. The number of benefits wooden doorknobs offer over other types of wood doorknobs has urged several customers to use the former at their home.It is significant to note that wooden doorknobs make it very easy for you to […]

Home Décor

Best Ways to Use Wooden Yard Decorations at Home

Decorating the yard is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. Using wood pieces like cutouts, lumber, or logs are perfect for decorating the yard around the home. All it takes is that you rely on expert landscaping for properly positioning the wood yard decorations.You have a great amount of choice for […]


Tips to Extend the Life of your Wooden Toy Box

If you are a person who loves to design wooden toys and other types of woodcrafts, then you must consider making a wooden toy box. This is because a wooden toy box will help you to store your precious wooden toys safely and in an efficient manner. However, if you wish to use the wooden […]

Reuse and Repurpose

3 Useful Repurposing Ideas Using Wood Spindles

While making additions to the staircases in your home, there will always be some extra wood spindles. You can even find additional stair spindles used during the early construction or renovation of your home. These extra pieces are mostly discarded and are usually thought of as having no other use except supporting the staircase. However, […]

Craft Ideas

Simple Steps to Make a Wooden Chessboard

There are plenty of options available to wood crafters who are in search of an easy and fun woodworking project. One of the best and easiest wood craft projects that you should try is to design a wooden chessboard.Chess is an excellent game suited for all ages and it can really wake up your mind. […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

3 Common Types of Dovetail Joints Used in Woodworking Projects.

Dovetail joinery is used in woodworking projects to make a variety of wood products with some amount of craftsmanship. Tails on one side of a wooden board resemble a “dove’s tail” and pins interlock tails from the opposite side of the joint.It is a tight fit that is not possible for pulling apart on all […]

Reuse and Repurpose

How to Make Wooden Candle Holders Out of Scrap Wood

Candles are the trendy lighting technique that is always in vogue. In fact, they have become more in demand nowadays because of their rustic charm. Furthermore, you can use them on almost all occasions; be it a wedding, night parties, birthdays, or any other function, to raise the “oomph” factor of the event. In fact, […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

How to Design Wooden Wagon Wheels

If you are planning to design a new wooden wagon for your kids to play or to decorate your house, then you can either buy toy wooden wheels from a wood crafts supplies store or design wooden wheels on your own. Professional wood crafters always advise designing wooden wheels because it adds more beauty and […]