Painting a Wooden Doorknob

Wooden doorknobs are immensely popular among homeowners, as they are highly durable, efficient, and available at a cheaper price. The number of benefits wooden doorknobs offer over other types of wood doorknobs has urged several customers to use the former at their home.

It is significant to note that wooden doorknobs make it very easy for you to push or pull a door. This implies that using a door would be much easier if you invest in wooden doorknobs. In addition to that, you will be able to use wooden doorknobs for a wide variety of doors. However, it is true that the brightness of most doorknobs will start to diminish after a couple of years. This will make your door look old and unattractive.

If you are experiencing such an issue, then you should consider painting the wooden doorknobs at your home, as it will bring a fresh and eye-catching look to the doorknobs. Below are a few simple set of steps that describe how to paint wooden doorknobs.

You will initially need to remove the wooden doorknob from your door. So, use a screwdriver and gently remove the screws that are attached to the doorknobs to remove it from the door. Make sure to keep the screws aside safely, as you will need them to reattach the wooden knob to your door after you are done painting them.

Make a solution with TSP and water and use it to clean the wooden doorknob. You can use a toothbrush to rub the doorknob with the freshly made solution. This excellent cleaning agent will remove all the dust and other filthy things on the doorknob and make it ready for painting.

You will need to prime the doorknobs with an accurate primer before proceeding to the paint job. You will be easily able to find the right type of primer for the wooden doorknob with utmost ease.

After finishing the priming job, find a paint sprayer or paint brush and start painting the doorknob. It is best to use a paint sprayer, as it will leave zero marks on your wooden doorknob; besides, it is more efficient when compared to a paintbrush.

When done, leave the wooden doorknob undisturbed until it dries and then reattach it to the door using the screws that you kept aside earlier.

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