Simple Steps to Make a Wooden Chessboard

There are plenty of options available to wood crafters who are in search of an easy and fun woodworking project. One of the best and easiest wood craft projects that you should try is to design a wooden chessboard.

Chess is an excellent game suited for all ages and it can really wake up your mind. If you are a person who loves to play chess, then the idea of designing a customized wooden chessboard will seem a lot appealing to you. Besides, a wooden chessboard is also an ideal gift choice, and anyone with basic woodworking skills can easily build it. However, you will need to have more than a few woodworking tools to complete the project.

If you have access to such handy wood craft supplies, then below are a simple set of steps that will guide you through on how to make a wooden chessboard.

Steps to Follow

The first and foremost thing you should do is to find the right type of wood for your project. You will need square dowel rods, plywood, lumber, sandpaper, wood glue, wood stain, sandpiper, and more tools. In addition to that, you will also need to have a miter box or miter saw.

Use the miter saw and carefully cut ¾-inch slices of the dowel. It is crucial to note that you will need 64 tiles in total. Once you have cut down 64 slices of dowel, you can either paint or stain the tile pieces into two different colors.

You will now need to create a frame by using the miter saw. Note that one of the sides should be 17 inches long, while the other side needs to be 14 inches long. Paint the outside pieces in whatever way you want and then cut the base.

Measure and determine where the 64 square pieces will go and then cover the board with glue. Now, slowly place each one of these blocks alternatively and then leave it undisturbed for a few hours.

If you want to make your wooden chessboard look a little bit more stunning and elegant, paint the sides of the board in vibrant colors or give it a unique design as per your creativity. The custom made wooden chessboard will surely be a treasured item that you can keep for decades.

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