Tips and Techniques

An Overview of Pyrography and the Wood Burning Tools Used

Pyrography is an art of illustrating patterns, especially on wood using a heated metallic pen and other supplies. Over the years, Pyrography has been used for decorating and branding an array of artifacts and musical instruments made of wood. For instance, woodworkers impart pyro patterns on kitchenware items or on acoustic guitars, branding not only […]

Craft Ideas

How to Make a Wooden Birthday Signboard

We all have a long list of birthdays to remember and no matter how hard we try to keep track of these dates, we often end up forgetting some. So, you might be setting up birthday alerts on your smartphone and trying other methods to remember these days. However, if you have time and you […]

Craft Ideas

How to Make a Garland Using Wooden Beads

Most commonly, wooden beads are seen in prayer beads and are used to count and chant prayers. Yet small pieces of wood with a hole through the center can be used as a decoration too. In fact, the benefit of beads is that you can make anything from them, be it prayer beads, friendship bands, […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

How to Stain or Paint Wooden Dowels at Home

You may know that multiples of wooden dowels will form the crux for the shelf of wooden furniture at home. However, the dowel can also form the structure of homes having a Southwestern design. This crisscrossing design will be carried out throughout the home’s structure, and all the way to the projected beams extending from under the […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

Important Uses of Wooden Dowel Joints

Dowel joints are one of the most utilized parts in any kind of woodworking projects. They serve an important purpose of securing two wooden parts together firmly. Wooden dowel joints utilize a wooden peg for affixing two boards together. For attaching two boards, a hole is drilled at the connecting ends of the board and dowel […]

Craft Ideas

How to Make Scented Wooden Balls

Scented wooden balls are immensely popular among many homeowners and they are the ideal alternative to potpourri. This is mainly because of the fact that scented wooden balls have the unique ability to diffuse the fragrance in a room in a modern yet minimalist way. Moreover, wooden balls look very attractive and the grain is clearly visible […]

Home Décor

Types and Benefits of Lazy Susan

Many of us may have a Lazy Susan in our homes. It is the small rotating tray that sits in the middle of the dining table and rotates so that each person is able to reach what he or she wants easily. You may also find Lazy Susan on corner cupboards as it can make it […]

The Whys and Whats of Wood

3 Types of Woods to Make Wooden Shelves

If you are planning to build a new wood shelf, then the first and most important thing you should do is to decide where you would be placing these shelves. Let us assume that you have already decided where to place them; now, it is the time to determine how you want to use them. […]

Woodworking and Wood Turning

3 Creative Home Projects Using Wooden Dowels

Many creative things are possible using wooden dowels. Besides serving alongside woodworking projects, dowels can be easily retrofitted into various items intended for homes. They are available in hardware stores in different sizes, are cheaper and an essential component of any Do-It-Yourself home projects.Made from quality wood, dowels have more durability making them ideal for […]

Craft Ideas

Making Peg Dolls from Wooden Doll Pins

If you are in search of ideas to keep your kids entertained, then you have reached the right place. The wood peg dolls ideas shared below can be the perfect wood craft project for the holidays. With their cute faces and fancy skirts, your children are definitely going to love peg dolls.Wooden doll pin or cloth […]