Craft Ideas

DIY Lazy Susan By Caroline Bell Creative

True to their name, lazy Susans are shockingly easy to DIY. So if you’re having a lazy artist day, check out what Caroline Bell did with our wooden circles and lazy Susan hardware. This project is not just pretty; it’s super useful!

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Wood Dowel Rods: Everything you need to know

Dowels or simple small wooden dowel pins or rods that are used to support shelves and to reinforce wood joints. These dowels are available in uniform and pre cut sizes to be readily used in carpentry, but they can also be bought as long rods that can be cut to the required length. Seeing as the […]

Craft Ideas

DIY Personalized Wooden Heart Keychain for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and today I have a very sweet handmade gift that is perfect for the special mother, grandmother, and mother-figure in your life! I am so excited to partner with Woodpeckers Crafts today to transform one of their sweet heart cutouts into a charming, personalized keychain with a picture and thumbprint.


DIY Easter Wreath Craft Idea that’s Beautiful, Unique & EASY

Renewing an old sample craft
Back in the infancy of Woodpeckers, my job sometimes included designing samples, and crafting them, and taking photos of them with my home camera. This lovely wreath idea was born in those good old-fashioned days 🙂

Craft Ideas

DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece

Spring is almost here, and I am so excited for it! As a flower enthusiast and fan of vibrant Spring colors, I can’t wait to see all of the colorful flowers in the fields. In the meantime, I will focus on charming floral crafts I can make at home. Speaking of charming floral crafts, today I am so excited to partner with Woodpeckers Crafts to bring you a sweet and vintage-inspired flower craft for Spring: DIY Wooden Cross-Stitch Flower Pot Centerpiece.

Craft Ideas

Cool Effects with Acrylic Paint on Wood – Easy DIY Ideas

Why settle for boring old flat paint when you can have triple the fun trying out different effects?

ALL acrylic paints are easy, smooth, quick-drying, and look good on wood (in short, our go-to paint for wood crafting).
But SOME acrylic paints are: glowy, glossy, extra-extra glossy, shiny, shimmery, pearly, iridescent, textured…. Are you salivating yet?

Craft Ideas

Lace & Paint Wooden Heart: A Cool & Easy Valentine’s Day Craft for Adults

My kids painted our front porch as a family project last spring (aka keep-everyone-from-driving each-other-crazy Covid project). The porch was fresh and neat and perfect… until I messed it up by spray painting this wooden heart. (I did spread huge plastics all over. I have no idea how the stains got there, really.)
I say it was worth it. My kids aren’t sure. Take a look at that breathtaking heart 👇… and tell me what you think :).  


DIY Galentine’s Day Party with Woodpeckers Crafts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought it would be so much fun to honor our friendships with a DIY Galentine’s Day Party. To inspire todays DIY party décor, I found these charming heart cutouts and Love Bird Messenger cutouts from Woodpeckers Crafts. I especially love how the Love Bird Messenger cutouts from Woodpeckers Crafts are the perfect addition to any tablescape as the cutouts make the cutest napkin holders!